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The Turbinophone Part 2

Hey everyone!

The Turbinophone was so amazing at Burning Man!
What an adventure to build it and take it out there! People loved it! For me, it was most amazing to see people transformed by the tones that they made by playing the jet engine! Check out this video of the Turbinophone being played at Burning Man:

Also-The Turbinophone has a new home!!! It is the featured interactive exhibit at the Oakland Aviation Museum! Please swing by and check it out!

Why does music move us?

In preparation for tomorrow’s event at the Exploratorium, where I will be part of a discussion circle on why music moves us, I have been studying how music affects us from a biological and scientific standpoint. One article that really stood out to me was written by David Byrne for the Smithsonian Magazine.

The article makes an interesting point of illuminating how our state of mind sympathizes with the sounds we hear, and has developed from the evolutionary skill of survival into a mode of passive communication between living beings. Additionally, Byrne tackles the idea that music is returning to a more “natural” state, where it is being generated by the universe spontaneously, rather than being expressed specifically by individuals. Check it out! If you are interested by music, this is a fantastic read!

The Turbinophone

Hey friends!!!

The Turbinophone has been my biggest project and passion this year.  I ran a Kickstarter last month, successfully raised funding, and now I have a jet engine at my workshop in San Francisco! COOL!