The Turbinophone

Hey friends!!!

The Turbinophone has been my biggest project and passion this year.  I ran a Kickstarter last month, successfully raised funding, and now I have a jet engine at my workshop in San Francisco! COOL!

One thought on “The Turbinophone

  1. jon

    Hi Kunal,
     Found the Turbinophone late one night/early morning, prolly ~4am.  The operation pictograph was perfect and nicely semi-hidden. I liked that the purpose wasn't obvious. I found no ball bearings, but the playa dirt worked great for me.  I actually preferred the sounds produced by the fine dust to that from the larger pieces.  Great fun to find a "monolith", a cool piece of Cargo Cult via 2001 Space Odessy,  stuck into the playascape and then discover how to play with it.   Great idea, cool sounds, hope you bring it back some other year. jon

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